Kosciusko County's Kid Calendar and Community

Who Is Mini Mischief Managed For?

We bring together caregivers of young children in Kosciusko County, Indiana to quickly and easily learn about age appropriate activities and community resources available, so we can spend our caregiving time making memories with our children, feel less overwhelmed, and approach each day with more confidence.

Are you:

  • a new parent?
  • a parent new to town?
  • a seasoned parent?
  • a caregiver?
  • pregnant and looking for a community?

Do you:

  • work full time?
  • work from home?
  • work as a caregiver?
  • parent from home full time?

Are you looking for:

  • a convenient way to find activities to enjoy with your child(ren)?
  • a last minute event to get yourself and your child(ren) out of the house?
  • a community to find friends and build your circle?

Why Join The Community?

Our goal it to provide you with a kid calendar of up to date activity information as well as camp and class registration opportunities that allows you to stay engaged at home and with daily area events as early as birth. 

We're working to:

✔Make it easy for you to spend your caregiving time making memories with your children. 

✔ Save you the time and frustration of searching for local events to enjoy with your family.

✔Provide an easy to reference database of organizations that offer kid and family programming, support, and ideas for any day.

✔Help you feel less overwhelmed and more confident to approach each day as a parent.

Become an activity hero for your child(ren), keep your sanity, and connect with parents in Kosciusko County. Click "explore" to check out the network!🙌


"The community has been a great one-stop-shop to learn about family oriented community organizations and day trip ideas, and the app's notifications keep me up to date wherever I am!"

"I love the ability to sync interesting events on the calendar with my personal one. It saves me so much time planning fun activities with my kids!"

"I was tired of hearing about awesome events after they happened. After finding Mini Mischief Managed I'm able to share in the experience instead of missing out!"

How The Calendar Works

  1. Instantly see FREE events happening in Kosciusko County on the calendar (Cities in Kosciusko County include Atwood, Burket, Claypool, Etna Green, Leesburg, Mentone, Milford, North Webster, Pierceton, Silver Lake, Syracuse, Warsaw, and Winona Lake).
  2. RSVP to events to keep track of interesting activities (over 520 types of events added each year!).
  3. Sync your RSVP'd events or all events to your personal calendar for easy schedule comparison.
  4. Enjoy memories with your family and more time to make them!

We haven't forgotten about paid and registration required activities! Find them on the website home feed as articles here.

New activities are posted daily. Members receive email or push notifications when events and articles are added.

Ready To Join Us?

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Questions? Comments?

Email [email protected] and we'll get back to you shortly!

What About The Other Events Happening In Kosciusko County?

We know that K county offers events in addition to the family friendly ones found in Mini Mischief Managed. Check out even more of what Kosciusko has to offer at kcountyevents.com, a collaboration between Mini Mischief Managed, owned by Kelly Mager, and Anderson The Fish, owned by Joel Widman. 

About Us

After moving to the area and having kids, it took a long time to find infant/toddler friendly activities to get out of the house. Our frustration led us to build a program for it. The desire to serve and connect others with that knowledge led us to the creation of Mini Mischief Managed. We humorously named it Mini Mischief Managed hoping that the resources would help manage some of the mischief our mini humans get into.

Listen to Kelly chat with hosts Kevin Martin and Jody Claypool on the Clearly Kosciusko Podcast about Mini Mischief Managed.

Live Well Kosciusko joined this project in December 2021 as a sponsor. We are grateful for the opportunities this partnership provides as we move forward in helping families live, learn, and explore what is offered right here in K county!

This community is one part of the Mini Mischief Managed brand to connect parents with meaningful resources to make life easier, more organized, and better supported. 

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